Miami-Dade County Drug Court, TASC, Department of Corrections, Department of Children and Families, Metro Traffic and the Criminal Justice System, as well as private medical institutions and individual physicians. We work in partnership with court assistance programs, and other entities to assure continuity of offenders’ treatment. They also receive the benefit of our reports to the Court regarding their program development. Our court liaison staff has numerous years of experience with the criminal justice system. Our team members are licensed bilingual professionals, and our various treatments are individualized to meet the needs of the clients.

In the last years we have integrated more services to our facility and are licensed for different levels of care by the Department of Children and Families, such as Intensive Outpatient, Day and Evening Treatment.

Currently MDCS offers the following services: Outpatient Therapy, Psychological Evaluations, Family Counseling, HIV Counseling / Awareness, Anger Management, Responsible Parenting, Drug and Alcohol Education, Questioning Faulty Beliefs, The Theft Abatement Program, Batterers Intervention Program, DUI Program, Substance Abuse Treatment and Psycho-educational courses.