Dr. Hugo Romeu


1983-1984 PGY4 Forensic Pathology Cook County Institute of Forensic Pathology, Chicago, Illinois
1982-1983 PGY3 Anatomic Pathology St. Joseph’s Hospital, Milwaukee, WI
1980-1982 PGY1&2 Anatomic Pathology State University of New York, Buffalo, NY
1976-1980 Medical Doctor Ross University School of Medicine, NY
1973-1976 Pre-Medical Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois
1969-1973 High School Diploma Loyola Academy, Wilmette, Illinois

Post-Graduate Training

1982-1984 Cyto Pathology St. Joseph’s Hospital, Milwaukee, WI
1981-1982 Pediatric Pathology Children’s Memorial Hospital, Buffalo NY
1981-1981 Tumor Pathology Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo NY
1980-1982 Electron Microscopy Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo NY

Professional License & Certifications

1996 American Board of Forensic Examiners Diplomate Board Certified Forensic Examiner ID# 3224


1987 Herpes Virus Encephalitis, Ultra structure becomes helpful in diagnosis. University of Havana, Medical School Press
1986 Microangiopatia Renal, Auto Immune Response. University of Havana, Investigative Project
1986 Standardization of Cytoplasmic Islet Antibodies Dibetologia: 19; 125-126
1986 Autoimmune Phenomenon in Conversion of Type 2 Diabetes into Insulin Dependent Variant. Progress in Immunology 2, Vol.5, Amsterdam 91-101
1984 Atypical Gunshot Wounds Research Project at Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.
1984 Arterial Gas Emboli related to Carbon Monoxide Tank Contamination. Submitted to Journal of Forensic Science.

Clinical Trials & Research Experience N.B. The trials are coded by company and protocol number. A detailed list by company is available upon request.

  1. Total # of COPD trials , 32
  2. Diabetes studies, 41
  3. Dermatology products, 12
  4. Rheumatology studies, 7
  5. Devices, 15
  6. HIV, 16
  7. Oncology, chemotherapy, 7 8.Weight loss, 12 9.Impotence studies, 7

N.B. Have conducted over 320 total studies , mostly phase1, and pre-clinical.  

EN3203-006 3115A1-102-US DAP-STAT-01-10 LER-PK-11 M1EX07002S1761008
EN3203-007 3001A1-115-US DAP-GER-01-11 ACA-PK-03 M1EX08001
EN3202-011A 3066A3-143-US M1IH09001 M1EN08001 M1EX09001
EN3231-MO34 3147K1-100-USSP 053-00 DUT-PK-17ACRI M1EX10001
EN3174-010 3147K1-103-USSP 124-00 M1EN10001 S176.1.011
EN3174-011 PA-05-02 081-00 B02-599PK-G99B1 A2181027
EN3228-04/05 M1EL09001 077-00 B02-602PK-N04F1 A2181017
EN3228-05 NNA-2002-011 085-00 B03-629PK-P03P1 A2181035CPA
EN3202-026 ELN46046-106 032-00 B03-651PK-301I2 A5761003
EN3202-027 21-01-335 010-00 B03-652PK-301I2 A5761006
EN3228-006 21-01-336 MK0767-026-01CPA B04-689PK-P05P2 A5761016
EN3218-07 21-02-340 MK0767-040-CPA B04-695PK-10100 A4311019CPA
EN3228-007 HXA2002 MKL-000753721-CPA B04-696PK-P05P2 A9451149
EN3218-008 OPX1001-CPA L-000222628 B04-697PK-N04F1 A7501018SP
CP-01-1603 HMP1013 L000899055 B05-717PK-10045 AMG162-20010124
016-01-03-CP HMP1014 MK-0767-037CPA B05-719PK-10121 A6181079SP
PFIZERTEST CLAF237A22313 L000124467CPA B05-739PK-10121 M1FP09001
PFIZERTEST2 CLAF237A2215 L001069957006CPA M1EW09001 M1FP09002
CV181-002 CICL670A2101 MK-0966-255CPA M1EW10001 M1FP10001
AI424-030 CLAF237 L001069957005CPA UMD-00-073 MO2-422
CV184-002 CLAF237A2336CPA L00022262800700CPA UMD-01-078 M02-436
AI464051 COLO400A2425 L-00041438000400CPA S1661005 M01-385
CN368-003 CSPP100A229 MK-0431-017-00CPA T1249-103 MO2-437
CN148002 CICL670A2102 MK-0954A-306-00CPA T1249-103-POSTPONED MO2-505
CA180016 04-0153-001FM L000888839CPA T20-405 M1CF07002
CV168067 CLBM642A2102SP MK-0431-022-00CPA 231-03 M1CF07003
CA180022 CPTK787A2115/308643 L-000891675 OCSI-004 ALT-711-0218
PPC0201/202 CLBM642A2103 MK-0431-026-00CPA OCSI-008 DM100-002
PPC704-005 CXUO320B2408 L-OOO904218CPA NNA2002-026 2003-02
MT301 CFTY720A2309 MK043102900CPA NNA2002-019 PAD007(561)964-7880
MT302 CFTY720A2311 L000899055009CPA AL001.4 PAD007(707)643-5785
MT009 CPTK787A2118 L000900612CPA KT002.2 PAD007(858)505-8672
MT006 CLAF237A2332 MK-0928 C-2002-042 PAD007(336)841-1411
MT-007 CPTK787A2120 MK-0431-033-00 C-2002-008-00 PAD007(704)367-9777
MT008 CSPP100A2218 007-01 C-2002-004-00 PAD007(317)278-2945
MT303 CVAA489A2303 019-00 C-2003-032-01 PAD007(678)251-2450
MT304 HFT919A2422 013-00 C-2004-005-00 PAD007(206)731-5899
HMR3647A/1063 CAMN107A2106 MK0928-033-00 C-2005-005-01 PAD007(979)774-5933
HMR3647A/1062 CAMN107A2110 016-00 C-2005-020-00 PAD007(619)521-2830
HMR-4003K/1001 CAMN107A2108 006-00CPA 156-01-234 PAD007(919)788-5334
S2411104 CSTI571O2101 008-00CLOSED 197-03-225 PAD007(718)270-2932
S241110 M1AB07002SP 037-00 197-02-224CPA PAD007(504)588-5135
S1751101 M1AB07003NOVARTISSP 002-00 197-03-227 M1IK09001
S1751102 M1AB08001 012-00 NBI-34060-IR-0302 M03-590(CPA)
S154.1.017 M1AB10001 014-00 NBI-34060-IR-0302 M03-590
S0301107 TG02010 017-0 NBI-34060-MR-0214 3093A1-116-US
S0301108 NE03020 018-00 POZEN,INC. 0600D3-175-US
S1541020 AV03019 024-00 MT100-107 3130A1-100-US
S0301106MIAMI 50552&50553 L001067743-003-00 MT400-101 3001K1-111-US
05-0633-001S0301106FM M1CF06001 L001040689-003-00 MT400-103 MLN-PK-02SP
S176.1.003M1EX07001 M1CF07001 011-00 MT400-102 CPR-INT5406-EN-E01
027-00 CPR-TDR5147-EN-E01 L001098454-005-00 MT401 INT5524-EN-E01
008-00 CPR-POP5820-ENCPA 035-00 MT402 TDU5042-EN-E02
047-00MK-0524A CPRPOP5820HEALTHYCPA L000900612-014-00 LNX-102 CPR-POP3389-EN-E01CPA
PILOTSTUDY CPRPOP4864CPA L-001309643002-00 LNP-101 030-00
MK-257-253-00 PDY5923 026-00 MS-325-16 045-00
052-00(MK-0524) PDY5850SP 039-00SP 2104-01 047-00
PR-BR1-112 PKD5732 006-00 C-0301 031-00SP
PR-BR1-113 INT5927 036-00 C-03-09CPA M1IK09002


Professional Experience

2013-Present Reliable Research Laboratory, Inc   Owner, Pathologist
2011-Present The Clinical Research Institute Principal Investigator, Miami, Florida
2006- present ECCO Laboratories, Genesis Medical ,  Community Health of South Florida Laboratory Director/Pathology, Miami, Fl.
2006- Present Romeu Clinical Enterprises Clinical Medicine, Primary Care Owner, CEO, Clinician Miami, Florida
2005-Present Allied/Cetero Research Now called “Reliable Research Lab” Principal Investigator Laboratory Director Miami, Florida
2001-2009 Ross University School of Medicine Professor of Clinical Medicine AISM Miami Campus
2007-2008 Physicians lab Services Surgical Pathology Miami, Florida
2001-2007 Palm Springs Hospital Chief of Pathology Hialeah, Florida
2001-2005 SFBC Clinical Laboratories Medical Director 11190 Biscayne Blvd
2000-2005 American Health Associates Hialeah, Florida
1998-2001 Gateway Laboratories, Inc Staff Pathologist/Surgical Pathology/ Cytology Miami, Florida
1996-1998 Biotrace Laboratories Staff Pathologist/Surgical Pathology/ Cytology Miami, Florida
1993-1996 Center for laboratory Medicine Staff Pathologist/Surgical Pathology/ Cytology Miami, Florida
1993-1994 Florida Keys Pathology Staff Pathologist/Medical Examiner Fisherman’s Hospital, Marathon, FL Surgical and Clinical Pathology Marathon Key, Florida
1990-1993 Hollywood Diagnostic Centers Staff Pathologist Hollywood Medical Center Hospital Surgical and Clinical Pathology Hollywood, Florida
1986-1990 U.S. 5’th General Hospital Stuttgart/BadCanstatt Germany Laboratory Specialist/Toxicology