Adult Outpatient ARNP/Psychiatrist

Job Duties:
– Provide psychiatric services to patients with mental or emotional disturbances, substance abuse problems, and coincident medical problems. These services will be provided in the context of integrated multi-disciplinary care teams. Clinical duties may include psychiatric and addiction evaluations, differential diagnosis and complex decision-making, individualized treatment planning, psychiatric medical management, and medication assisted treatment for substance abuse disorders. Additional duties as part of the care team may include leadership, education, presentations, mentoring, and staff development.
– Responsible for psychiatric and medical decisions that require an MD/DO/ARNP degree or certification; refers administrative questions on overall policies to Director.
– Performs psychiatric and addiction evaluations including differential diagnosis contextualized to concurrent medical conditions.
– Provides patient-centered care including medication management to patients.
– Provides advice and consultation on general health care needs of patients both for patients and in teams.
– Communicates and manages care collaboratively with other treating physicians including both primary care and specialty care providers.
– Writes or dictates evaluations, clinical notes, letters, and reports in a timely manner consistent with agency policy and in accordance with state and federal requirements.
– Assures accuracy of information in Electronic Medical Record including psychiatric, addiction, medical diagnoses, current medications, and clinical records.
– Participates in a leadership and consultative capacity appropriate to role in multi-disciplinary team.
– Reviews and approves individual treatment plans and other documentation required by Medicaid/Medicare and other policy regulations.
– Partners with and supports team leader in promoting optimal team function.
– Contributes to care planning, prioritization of goals, and assessment of progress in teams.
– Participates in utilization and management decisions with team.
– Provides education to teams about medication management, safety, and side-effect monitoring.
– Collaborates with 24 hour service teams to achieve seamless transitions of care.
– Manages time and schedule to meet patient care needs and agency requirements.
– Participates in administrative activities including meetings of the Medical Services Unit, quality assurance activities.
– Collaborate with the other outpatient medical providers to provide coverage for provider absences.
– When requested, participate in provision of medical provider coverage for the 24-hour programs.
– In addition to the above, any other responsibilities appropriate to the position and not specifically listed in the job description.